Introduction to Permaculture

Saturday & Sunday March 9 and 10 2019

10am - 4pm

Springwood, Blue Mountains




What you’ll learn:


How to make real compost

Dan will show you how to make a compost superior to ANYTHING you can purchase from a shop. You’ll also learn how to make it on a small or large scale. Far too many weeds end up in landfill but are full of minerals that need to be returned to your soil. Dan will show you how to kill the weed seeds and make great compost from garden waste. You will also learn about the nutritional requirements of your plants and how to keep your soil (and your plants) in good shape.


Use chickens as part of your vegetable growing system


Chickens are a valuable part of an organic gardener’s tool kit. Chickens eat all your bugs and weeds, scratch and till the soil and give you free fertiliser. Learn how to use chickens efficiently and constructively (not destructively) as part of your garden system. 



How to sow seeds and propagate plants successfully


Learning to sow seeds and propagate plants can be one of the largest cost savers in your self-sufficient food gardening system. Learn the basic techniques and tools to sow seeds and take cuttings. We will also reveal the recipe for potting mix which is often the difference between success and failure.



Build a raised bed using no dig gardening techniques


This part of the workshop is lots of fun! This type of garden can be built almost ANYWHERE irrespective of slope or the quality of your soil (it can even be built on a concrete slab).

What to bring: 

Note pad, pen and something stable to write on (clipboard etc)

gardening gloves

a hat

sturdy boots/ (gum boots if it’s wet)






What people say about our workshops



I had a great time…I like hands on stuff and I feel much more confident about making compost…I knew it was important for my garden and now I can do it…and using the paper and straw and pocket planting is how I am going to finish of my verge.


We loved the workshop very much and found it practical and useful.


good, very resourceful, learned a lot, true permie style – just thrown together and used what you have, got everyone involved!


awesome stuff!! so inspired and knowledge-hungry for more!! THANKYOU


it was informative and fun – you explained it all in a language to newbies could understand easily. Look forward to more workshops!


Absolutely loved it!


Practical, thought provoking. Made creating a garden seem like a realistic goal, even for a beginner. Lots of info, but didn’t get bogged down in the detail. I really enjoyed it!


I really enjoyed it. Thanks for having us at your home. I hope you benefit greatly as much as we have attending. I am inspired!  good job!


We loved the workshop and learned a lot


Length was perfect. Split between theory and practical was great. The lunch was brilliant.


Thanks Daniel. It is always great to see how people manage their own blocks. The reinforcement of good planning before execution of a (great) idea is always appreciated.


Excellent – more, more!




About the teacher


Daniel Hatfield is a passionate food gardener, educator, and permaculturist. He has been working professionally with plants and gardens since 2006, focusing specifically on organic food gardening since 2008. Daniel believes in producing and promoting growing healthy, seasonal and local fruit and vegetables. He describes his practices as ‘beyond organic’. Daniel approaches food gardening from a holistic perspective, addressing issues at their core, rather than use quick-fix sprays or fertilisers, either organic or inorganic. He enjoys sharing his passion for permaculture and helping people develop confidence and new skills in organic gardening and has been featured on television and podcasts. 


Daniel takes his inspiration from the principles of Permaculture, as well as organic farmers such as Eliot Coleman and Joel Salatin. Daniel completed his Permaculture Design Certificate under Geoff Lawton at the Permaculture Research Institute, and holds additional degrees in art and photography.




The 2-day practical workshop costs $180 per person.  Lunch and light refreshments are included. 

We also have 2 earned places available for each workshop, 1 catering helper and 1 garden prep helper. You don't need to pay the fee, as you're giving your time and labour instead. 

Catering helper: We need someone to arrive early and leave late on both days that can do the catering and tidying.

Garden prep helper: We need someone to come and help prepare the garden and materials for a day (9am -3pm) during the week prior to the course (on a weekday). We would expect you to have reasonable garden experience and a good strong back.

Bookings and Payment is available using credit-card or bank transfer. Please call Daniel on 0431 383 516  to arrange payment over the phone. We’re happy to answer whatever questions you might have.



Safety Note: Although your skill level is not important, the block is steep in areas and you will need to be able to walk easily on slopes which may be slippery. The practical nature of these workshops is unfortunately unsuitable for people with walking-related difficulties.



Cancelled bookings will receive a full refund up until 2 weeks before the course. After that time you are welcome to transfer your booking to another person (for the booked workshop date) but the fee will be non-refundable. Please note that this course requires a minimum number of 5 participants to go ahead.