TBA February 2019


What will we be doing?

The first thing we need to do is get some new plants going. We have a lot to sow and propagate. A garden built on the principles and techniques of permaculture has a grounding of plants that provide shelter, mulch and food for the soil as well as food plants. We have been propagating a number of these plants over the last few months and we will need to propagate them again to increase our stock. We have things like Bana grass, Comfrey and Arrowroot that all need dividing and potting on. We have bananas that also need digging up and potting on. We have a lot of tree seeds that we have bought and collected locally that we will sow and we also have veggie seeds that need planting. We will most likely take some cuttings from a couple of Mulberry trees too.


What you will learn!

We will show you how to make a quality potting mix, a seed raising mix and propagating mixes that cost a 10th of buying it bagged and is at least a 100 times better ;).

Do I bring my own gear?

We will have all the gear you will need. If you feel like you want gloves then I would suggest bringing some. If you are not used to tools then shovels etc. will give you blisters very quickly.

How long and who?

You can come for a half day or a full day. That's up to you. If you want to come for a full day then please bring something to eat. We can provide drinks and access to a kitchen.We would like to see familiar faces at future working bees so we will be giving priority to locals first. We are excited to meet new people and make new friends. We hope you can come!


The serious stuff....
We understand that people get sick and that is fine. What we do find difficult is when people cancel because they forgot another social date, or just change their minds. We only have enough room to host 5 people so if you want to come please be respectful and only take a place if you know you will be coming. If you think you might come and then change your are stopping somebody else from coming.

We cannot accommodate pets but if you want to bring kids that's absolutely ok as long as they can look after themselves and/or they are old enough to participate (My 5 year old daughter is looking forward to having some kids to play with). Please do not bring infants or toddlers unless you can bring an extra person to look after them whilst you are working. We won't count the extra person or any kids as an attendee.

This is a working site so expect there to be items lying around. Be smart and we will ask you to sign a disclaimer.

If you would like to come along, please get in touch using the form below.


Thanks! Message sent.

Why working bees?

We moved here about 5 years ago, and continued to run our organic food gardening workshops for about a year before our daughter was born. We are getting our garden back in business after a major renovation to the house and some serious structural landscaping. The house was stripped to a frame, most of the garden ripped out and the land was levelled. SO. MUCH. MESS.!
Now all the big work is done, we need to do a number of fun DIY garden projects so we thought that it would be a good opportunity to share some of those skills and knowledge required to complete these jobs for those of you who would like to learn.

For those of you that want to learn and help out...welcome!

The reality is that Dan is a experienced professional gardener and pretty good with most power tools and building materials. He can do plumbing, soldering, woodwork and metal work to name a few all, to a good standard and work quickly too. While it would be easier and faster to do these jobs by ourselves, we want to share useful DIY skills and help make connections with people in our community so we are willing to put the effort in to make that happen. It takes a lot of work and preparation to have things ready for people to come and help/learn, but we reckon it's absolutely worth the effort!


I had a great time…I like hands on stuff and I feel much more confident about making compost…I knew it was important for my garden and now I can do it…and using the paper and straw and pocket planting is how I am going to finish of my verge.


Jenny, Penrith