Everything you need to know about successful chicken keeping
10am-12pm  $40

This is designed for people looking to get into keeping chickens in an urban/suburban environment.

Did you know....chickens can deal with pretty much all your food waste as well as most garden weeds without the needs for a composting system!


You'll learn the essentials of chook needs and behaviours,  how to use them successfully as part of your garden/home plans, as well as different coop/run designs and proper maintenance of the coop/runs .


We will  meet and greet with a cuppa, then cover the must-have chicken care knowledge in a 20 min class session (with a 20min Q&A at the end) 

  • Learn about different techniques on coop and run designs

  • Answer the question "to free range or not to free range?"

  • Draw up some basic designs to fit different sizes of property.

After that, we'll go for a garden walk and go meet the chooks.

We may have time to dig out some chookie compost (to put on the garden) and cut some forage/mulch for the chooks. We may get to feed the chooks and collect eggs too!


You will learn

  • how to design, plan and build your own successful chicken run

  • the types of feed and materials the chickens need to live happily and without any stinky smells!

  • notes from the course (including links to pdf copies)