No bones about it: a smart tip for zero food waste

Just a quick tip today about how to recycle all your household food waste. I was at a friend's house on the weekend and I asked her what she did with her bones from cooking. She said that she put them in the bin. Since she composted everything else, I had just assumed she would compost the bones too. Then it occurred to me that maybe people don't know how to deal with them!

Here is what we do. Put all the bones in a plastic bag in the freezer. Add to the same bag whenever you have bones. When it's full or inconveniently large, use the bones in a hot compost or just simply dig a hole 30cm deep and bury them. That should be deep enough to keep rodents etc. away. Make sure your doggy doesn't see you though! As long as you don't let the bag defrost, you can keep using it. Why should you bother with the bones? Although uncooked bones are a hundred times better than cooked bones, they still contain small amounts of nitrogen, quite a lot of phosphorus and many other trace elements. Our land needs every bit of help we can give it to grow food. Otherwise it ends up at land fill and becomes a methane issue. Unfortunately 59% of landfill in Australia is organic matter. It's easy to make a positive difference just by changing a few simple habits in the kitchen.

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