Awesomeness Guide to Propagation and Seed Raising

31st March 2019 10am - 1pm $30


We will meet and greet with a cuppa then cover the essentials with a 40 min class session (with a 20min Q&A at the end) on 

  • various propagation techniques including seeds, cuttings and grafts

  • how to make a greenhouse and simple shade structures

  • how to raise your young plants successfully through propagation mixes and recipes

Then, we'll get our hands dirty with some seed sowing, taking cuttings and potting on!

You will learn

  • the skills and confidence to start your own seed-raising area

  • propagation techniques including seeds, cuttings, and grafts

  • the equipment you need to get started for making a greenhouse or simple shade structure

  • propagation mixes and recipes

  • seed sowing

  • taking cuttings and potting on

Plus you'll get

  • notes from the course (including links to pdf copies)

  • additional resources such as planting guides and other helpful things!