Kitchen gardens & urban food forests using permaculture design theory & techniques 
10am-1pm  $50

This course can be for the novice gardener right through to experienced gardener and those looking to make the shift to chemical-free gardening.

Learn how to design your garden and a nutrition/water program to maximise enjoyment and minimise the workload.

Traditionally when people grow food in Western society we tend to separate our gardens into a variety of sections (orchards, perennial gardens, kitchen gardens and flower gardens for example). Inthis approach, we instead combine them together to work more harmoniously.


We can have a large food forest full of fruit and nuts that will require minimum care once established or we can grow dwarf fruiting species species and allow more sunlight on the ground where we can also grow a variety of vegetable and herbs.

What will we do?
We will  meet and greet with a cuppa, then learn the essentials with a 40 min class session (with a 20min Q&A at the end)  on
simple permaculture design and layout as well as soil, mulch, light, aspect, and time of year to plant certain things.

Then we will move on to practical class with a short garden walk showing some of these things in action. The rest of the class will be a mix of activities such as pruning, chopping back plants and some planting, and maintenance such as netting fruit trees, trying up plants, pruning espaliers etc.

You will learn

  • the skills and confidence to plan your own design and implement it on your own or hiring some labour 

  • the knowledge of additions to soil you need and how to get them

Plus you'll get

  • notes from the course (including links to pdf copies)

  • additional resources such as planting guides and other helpful things!