Did you know you can have a workshop at your place?

Get a quality job done while you learn new skills!

Hosting your own workshop is a fun and affordable way to get a big project installed by a professional for next to nothing.


Private home?  Host an aquaponics workshop and get a 2-3 bed aquaponics system installed for the cost of materials alone, saving thousands of dollars.



Community garden, school or other organisation? Develop a successful food garden and book a workshop for any of the following projects:

  • aquaponics

  • simple drip irrigation

  • no-dig garden beds

  • organic gardening techniques


How it works

A workshop costs $300 for the day or $500 for 2 day workshops. You can recover that cost if you invite others and set a price for entry to the workshop.

For example, 10 people want to come to your workshop and they each pay you $30 to attend.

Your guests will have a great day of fun and learning and you‘ll get a free workshop and an installed project for the cost of materials alone.

You’ll just need to have the materials on site ready to go on the day (I’ll tell you what you need and where to get it).

Bring your friends along or open it to the public (we can help with marketing so it gets booked out). You’re guaranteed a day of fun and learning.

Good to know: I’m an experienced workshop teacher, and fully insured to work with groups so you’re in safe hands.


Thank you Daniel ..it was informative and fun – you explained it all in a language newbies could understand easily. Look forward to more workshops!