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We sell a selection of useful plants that we grow ourselves, as well as other bits and bobs that we find make life easier and more sustainable. 

Have a browse, and if you are interested in making an order, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and we can contact you to organise delivery.

The delivery charges are $8 for up to 500g and $10 for up to 1kg. Please ask us about anything larger.

Come Spring (1st September 2019) we will be having a weekly opening of the garden for you to purchase organic homegrown vegetables straight from the garden, as well as live plants!


Comfrey root cuttings

This listing is for 1 cutting of 5cm comfrey root. $5 each

Bulk amounts are available in Spring by pre-order. Please contact us for details and pricing.

Postage to NSW, QLD and VIC $8 (up to 500g) and $10 up to 1kg)
Pick up from Springwood NSW 2777 available

Postage to NT, WA or TAS is not available

Comfrey is a fast-growing perennial plant with purple flowers.

It is a fantastic plant to use in a productive garden. It acts as a weed barrier, it can be cut several times to the ground and the leaves can be used as mulch.

It pulls a variety of useful elements up from deep in the ground such as Nitrogen, calcium, magnesium and potassium (to name a few) which then is distributed back to the topsoil through decomposition.

It grows 20-30cm and clumps growing more and more roots.

It is easily propagated by digging up the plant and breaking up the roots into small pieces (no smaller than 5 cm) and replanting at about 5cm deep. It will almost, without fail, regrow in a couple of weeks (in growing season). In winter (in cooler climates) it will die down and reshoot in spring. In Warmer climates (coastal Australia, it will grow year round.

Bana Grass

This is a listing for 1 x Bana Grass cutting which will be approximately 20cm long $3 each

Bulk amounts are available in Spring by pre-order. Please contact us for details and pricing as these sell out very quickly (we supply a lot of farmers!)


Postage to NSW, QLD and VIC $8 (up to 500g) and $10 up to 1kg)

Pick up from Springwood NSW 277 available

Postage to NT, WA or TAS is not available




Bana grass is a clumping, vertical, fast-growing, large grass species. It is often confused with the running and very invasive Elephant Grass seen in waterways. Bana grass, by comparison, is clumping and sets very little seed so is easily managed.


Bana Grass is one of the best ways to grow your own mulch/carbon on small urban properties!



The primary use will be as a carbon source for mulching or composting. For those with rabbits, goats or other livestock this is an extremely palatable fodder when harvested or grazed young and leafy. The grass can reach 5 meters when competing for light so consider it as a narrow vertical screen for fence lines, or a summer shade for building walls. It offers the versatility to allow a screen or to be cut to ground level when vision, breeze or sun is desired. Longer 3 metre stalks can be planted under mulch/in soil flat in lines to create on contour vegetation lines, or if planted in double rows it can be used to create chicken runs at a stem spacing of 10cm.


Bana Grass can be Cut/slashed every 2 months for leafy product or left for 3-4 months to create 2-3m tall stalks. Wear long clothing to protect skin folds from itchy fine hairs or shower if affected.



3-month-old (firm bamboo-like) stalks are used to vegetatively propagate Bana Grass, 2-3 nodules of the stalk will grow a new plant.

You either stick it straight into the ground vertically making sure one node at least is buried or you can lay it flat on the ground and cover it.

Bamboo Gracilis

This is a listing for 1 x BAMBUSA textilis var. GRACILIS 

approximately 1m - 1.5m tall

150mm pot $15 each 

200mm pot $35 each

Postage to NSW, QLD and VIC is available. Please contact me to discuss pricing


Pick up from Springwood NSW 2777 available.

Postage to NT, WA or TAS is not available.

There is currently a waitlist for bamboo orders. Please click the button to join the waitlist. 





BAMBUSA .textilis var. GRACILIS grows between 5 and 10m tall (depending on climate and access to water) in a very upright position so it is very suitable for screening on narrow passages etc. It only requires 300mm of width for planting and is hardy down to -9c. It is a nice clumping bamboo variety, not a naughty running variety, so your neighbours don't need to worry!


This is the most popular screening bamboo in Australia.

The poles are about 3cm thick and can be used for stakes in the garden or decorative uses too. A very nice yellow/green wood once hardened.

We can cut the tops off the plant and post to minimise costs. The new shoots will grow at least as tall as the ones cut off or higher. It takes about 1-3 years for these bamboos to get very tall and bushy. The more water, good soil and food the better.


Worm farms


Introducing what we affectionately call  "The Darlek" - it's incredibly efficient, kind of scary looking, practically indestructible, and it's the most super-duper worm farm you'll ever get.

We reckon we have cracked the issue of converting food scraps to compost for people who are tight on time and on space. Composting doesn't really cut it for most people and composting properly is very time-consuming and requires space.

Ideally, it would be wonderful to do both and feed the compost to the worms to really speed up the process but if you have to choose one...I'd go with the worm farm.

The standard worm farms you can get from the hardware store are great for kids but I do believe they are a bit of a toy and don't come close to meeting the needs of a family.


So we made one that solves the problem. 


This worm farm is built using a 240L wheelie bin which has been converted to house your food waste and worms. We decided to use the 240L bin as they are readily available across the country and they can be moved even when full.

Once you add enough worms (1000 per household member) or allow your population to breed up they should be able to handle your food scrap excess. They happily munch through ours, and we produce a LOT of food scraps as we mainly cook from scratch without much processed or packaged food. 


There is an inspection hole to pull out worm castings and a tap to collect that wonderful worm juice, and the tap comes off easily if you need to clear any castings from inside. No hassle.. just easy scrap management, and happy worms for a productive, healthy garden!


We are offering the worm farm with the following options:

A: Kit only to convert your existing bin $120


B: Assembled worm farm - just add worms and bedding $395


C: Complete worm farm assembled and ready to go including:

  • 1000 live worms and 1000 worm eggs

  • Coir bedding

  • Sugarcane mulch mixed with charged biochar......YUM $545

($495 introductory price until 1st of September 2018)


Bulk pricing available for schools and community groups

A note about food scraps
It's wise to avoid dairy, meat, citrus, and onions going into your worm farm. Although they will eventually eat it if it's there long enough, flies often are attracted immediately to the meat and dairy and will lay eggs. Maggots then seem to release a smell or a pheromone that makes the worms move away and maggots can take over quickly. I've tried and tried with meat and dairy and failed every time. I usually trench compost that stuff (dig a hole at least 150mm deep and bury it...150mm deep or deeper and animals won't dig it up) or hot compost it.

Worm Farm Delivery Charges

We are only offering these locally at the moment (Sydney and surrounds). If you are further away please contact us and we can put you on to a supplier that services your area.

Blue Mountains and Western Sydney $50

Inner Sydney, Northwest Sydney, South West Sydney $75
Northern Beaches and Sutherland$100

Pick up is available at no cost from Springwood 



$5 for 1 bulb and $10 for a 150mm pot

Postage to NSW, QLD and VIC $10 (up to 500g) and $15 up to 3kg)

Pick up from Springwood NSW 277 available

Postage to NT, WA or TAS is not available


QLD Arrowroot is a perennial tropical root vegetable which can be baked and used as you would with potato.

Arrowroot is a clumping plant.

The leaves can be cut for mulch and the plant used as a weed barrier, windbreak or animal fodder. 

The tubers have a high potassium content and 1-3% protein

The young leaves and shoots are nutritious and contain 10% protein. 

In our climate (lower Blue Mountains west of Sydney) They can grow up to 2.5m.

They will grow in full sun or part shade and enjoy damp soils.

The plant spreads underground via rhizomes to form large clumps even in poor soils.

 It is frost tender but we don’t tend to have hard frosts so the roots survive.

It dies back in winter and shoots again in spring.

If you live in a particularly cold area you could dig up the bulbs and replant again in Spring.

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