At Healthy Harvest, we offer a healthy, sustainable, quality gardening and maintenance service that caters for all your outdoor needs. Take the hard work and hassle out of food gardening. Let us look after your green spaces so you have more time enjoying them!

We provide

  • Years of successful gardening experience and know-how

  • Pruning, tree work and small removals, hedging, lawn care

  • Competitive day rates and free quotes

  • Highest quality results - 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

  • Fully insured, triple vaccinated, current Police & Working With Children Check

  • Quiet, low emission garden tools perfect for residential homes, schools, and early childhood centres. 

  • Ethical, sustainable values of quality, honesty & hard work.

Please contact us using the form below, or call 0431 383 516 for an obligation-free chat with Dan about your garden needs and how we might be able to help you.
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Our philosophy

We are an exclusively organic gardening service. We do not use any synthetic fertilisers or pesticides. We try not to use any natural pesticides (organic included) unless it is absolutely necessary. Through years of research and experience, we truly believe that if you plant a diverse garden with a variety of different and cooperative plants and water gardens that nature will regulate most things without intervention. 

We're healthier, the soil is healthier, the plants are healthier, and the insects, birds and other garden visitors are healthier too! We've successfully managed gardens using this approach for over 10 years. We teach people how to learn these techniques at our popular workshops. 



Is your garden sick? Don't worry! We can help.

It does take time for nature to come back and regulate a garden that has fallen into poor soil and plant health due to synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides. We can do it all for you, help you with some of the tricky bits, or show you how to do it all yourself with confidence. 

Battery power gardening tools - a healthier, quieter, sustainable gardening practice.
At Healthy Harvest, we care about your health, and ours, and the planet. That's why we're making the switch from petrol powered gardening tools to battery powered tools.

Professional modern cordless garden tools are better and healthier!

  • just as powerful as their noisy, smelly petrol counterparts

  • much quieter (even the noisy ones like leaf blowers are still twice as quiet as petrol power) 

  • emit zero fumes!


Typical two-stroke petrol power garden tools are BAD NEWS for the environment, as well as other people in the vicinity where they are being used. In a study of emissions tests for petrol powered machines, researchers found

"The hydrocarbon emissions from a half-hour of yard work with the two-stroke (Echo) leaf blower are about the same as a 3,900-mile (6276 KM) drive from Texas to Alaska in Raptor (Ford F-150 Raptor 6.2L engine ute)" 

Full details of the emissions test can be found in the report here 
The long-term health impacts of using petrol garden tools professionally are only just starting to emerge. 

We have already purchased a commercial grade line trimmer and leaf blower and will be replacing everything else with professional battery equipment over the next 12 months.