Electric Gardening Tools Demonstration


Professional Gardeners / Landscapers


BBQ and Light Refreshments Provided + Tesla Model X rides

4th of May 2019
Springwood NSW

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Battery powered gardening tool technology has come leaps and bounds in the last few years. These tools can now fulfill the majority of any professional gardener or landscapers requirements.

Join us for a relaxed, informative and social gathering where you can test out a range of battery-powered professional gardening tools!


We will meet at 11 am and have a chat about the tools and all the options before heading out for a demo.  


You can try out whichever tools you like. We have plenty of grass and trees on the property which can be cut or pruned so you can really put the tools to the test and see what they can do!


Why battery? 





Some of the great things about using battery tools are they are quiet, do not use any fuel and do not require the same level of costly annual servicing that petrol engines require.


There is virtually no vibration and no fumes so they are much more comfortable and pleasant to use.


As we head into the future, low noise and low emission tools will become the norm.

In some countries, contractors are already required to use electric tools in places like retirement homes and cemeteries. The improved noise aspect alone is a really good selling point for your business. You can go to a job and barely get noticed by the owners or neighbours because you are so quiet.


Costs and Battery Time 


The price of the battery gardening tools, on the whole, are much cheaper than their petrol equivalents.


With the EGO range, 3 x 7.5amp batteries would likely be more than enough to get you through if you have access to charging. The cost to charge one of these batteries is about 12-15c and with the line trimmer, I get 20mins run time on Turbo and 40mins runtime on Low Power. To be honest, it rarely needs to go on Turbo other than in thickets and scrub.


Time to recharge is about 40mins so theoretically 2 batteries would do just do you.


This run time is going to differ from tool to tool. Hedge trimmers seem to run all day on a 7.5amp battery whilst the chainsaw's run time is much less.

Give it a go and let the performance surprise you



I have to say that I was a bit skeptical about these things at first.  After using a commercial petrol brushcutter for several years on a tough and rough block (scrub, vines, woody weeds, and lawn) I wasn't sure an electric motor would handle it.


But, my 2-stroke tools were making me sick. I would be almost guaranteed a 2-stroke hangover and a migraine for a week after spending a day cutting wood or brush cutting. Something had to give. 


I knew I wanted to at least try a battery model before buying another petrol model. I called around suppliers and the good folks at EGO let me try one of their commercial EGO trimmers.


I was pleasantly surprised. It did everything I had hoped, even hedging woody shrubs with no problem at all, even though I realised afterward that I'd kept it on low speed the whole time!

Who are we?

Most of the tools that will be available are being loaned by Sally from Zero Mow,

a not-for-profit organisation which lends electric gardening tools to professionals for free.

Sally is also kindly offering attendees a ride in her Tesla model X!


My business Healthy Harvest Kitchen Gardens is co-hosting this event because I believe electric tool technology is a better way for cost, health, and environmental reasons. Most people haven't had a chance to try electric tools, and I reckon you should be able to try before you buy. I did, and I was won over, and I've never looked back. You might love them too!


Neither of us are getting any commissions or payments for running this event. 


Who's invited?

We are limiting this event to gardening professionals, team managers and local councillors so everyone has enough space to have a go at the tools.
Please fill in the contact form below if you would like to register.



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