Composting, worm forming and organic waste management

10am-2pm  $50

This is an introduction to successful organic waste management of your household scraps using worm farms and compost systems. 

We will  meet and greet with a cuppa, learn the essentials of food waste management with a 40 min class session (with a 20min q&a at the end) 

  • Learn about the various composting and worm farming techniques to suit your space and needs.

  • Choose an appropriate system for your needs: worm farm or compost? 

  • Learn how to produce usable worm casting/compost without attracting pests and making smells.

  • Learn our secret recipe to cook up a fabulous compost!

  • How to maintain a worm farm successfully

  • Feed the worms

  • Make a hot compost pile!


You will get

  • the skills and confidence to start your own compost pile or worm farm

  • a list of the equipment you need to get started

  • notes from the course (including links to pdf copies)

  • additional resources such as planting guides and other helpful things!