Beginner’s Guide to Growing Your Own Herbs & Veggies 
10am-2pm  $40

This is an introduction to growing herbs and veggies for novice gardeners new to the world of planting and growing. 


Learn the secrets of soil, water and light requirements and companion planting for fertility and pest management.
Learn how to confidently create small gardens and successfully plant a variety of flowers and veggies.


What will we do?


  1. Meet and greet with a cuppa then into the classroom for a 40 min class session (with a 20min Q&A at the end)  where you'll learn critical knowledge of soil, mulch, light, aspect, time of year to plant certain things, where to plant things (such as not around large trees etc) as well as basic permaculture design and layout.

  2. Head into the garden for our practical class with a short garden walk showing some things in action.

  3. Learn how to plant for success in garden beds and container gardens

You will get

  • the skills and confidence to start a small veggie garden or container garden

  • the knowledge of additions you need and how to get them

  • notes from the course (including links to pdf copies)

  • additional resources such as planting guides and other helpful things!