Do you love bees in your garden?

Do you crave delicious, fresh, homegrown honey?

Now you can have it all with your own hand-made bee-friendly Warré hive!

Easy-care low maintenance complete Warré hive assembled and ready to go for just $360! 

The Warré hive is the perfect hive for backyard beekeepers!

  • easy, super low maintenance design

  • high honey yield  30 kg + a year! 

  • delicious REAL local honey

  • great for pollination and local plants

  • natural wax source

  • suitable for warm and cold climates

  • attractive, natural look

  • locally made, built to last

Your complete Warré hive includes:

  • 3 x standard Warré boxes

  • 1 x standard roof (pine)

  • 1 x base

  • 1 x standard quilt box

  • 420mm x 420mm (footprint) 1030mm (height)

PLUS get 30% discount on frames with complete hive purchase

warre complete hive.jpg

Why Warré?

Compared with conventional hives (e.g. Langstroth),  Warré hives make bees happier.


1. Warré hives are part of a "natural bee-keeping" approach. This design closely resembles how bees like to build hives in the wild, from the top down.  The Warré hive was designed by a French monk named Abbé Émile Warré. He wanted a hive that closely resembled what nature intended, requiring minimal interference from beekeepers. 


2. This hive requires such low maintenance that the bees are hardly ever disturbed (maybe once or twice per year). This means they're able to get on with doing bee things and are more settled, and less defensive. 


3. The Warré hive has open frames. Conventional hives can have fake comb to kickstart the comb building process, but this puts bees out of work. The Warré open frame design lets all bees have jobs to help build the honeycombThis means everyone is gainfully employed and feeling happy and useful.


Happier bees mean fewer stings for you!

Warre beehive combs
Warré beehives let bees build naturally, from the top down.

We also make and sell Warré hive components! Order new frames, protect your hive with a new stand or base, and pop in a viewing box to watch the bees at work!

warre complete hive.jpg

warré complete hive

Your complete Warré hive includes:

  • 3 x standard Warré boxes

  • 1 x standard roof (pine)

  • 1 x base (including beetle trap)

  • 1 x standard quilt box

  • 420mm x 420mm (footprint) 1030mm (height)

PLUS 30% discount on frames with complete hive purchase


warre frames.jpg

warré frames

Great for beekeepers who prefer individual frame inspection and want to move comb in the hive

Sold individually or in a bulk lot

$3.95 each (bulk price available)

$2.80 each with hive purchase 

warre base plus beetle trap.jpg

Warré hive base and beetle trap

The base sits at the very bottom of the hive and contains a beetle trap (beetltra).

Add lime to the trap and check every few days for hive beetle.  Easy to remove.


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milled hardwood feet.png

Warré hive milled recycled hardwood feet 

These hardwood milled feet lift your hive off the ground, providing additional safety for your bees by keeping damp and pests at bay

$35 pair

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warre complete hive_edited.jpg

warré roof and quilt box

Fully assembled

precision milled in Springwood, Blue Mountains using 19mm kiln dried FSC certified Radiata pine


warre standard box plus frames 2.jpg

Warré standard box 

Where the honey is stored!

Each box can fit 8 frames

Please note frames are sold separately


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warre deluxe box.png

Warré deluxe box with viewing glass

Watch all the bee and honey action! This box holds 8 Warré frames and has a removable slat of wood and perspex viewing glass so you can inspect your hive without disturbing your bees!

Please note frames are sold separately


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warre heavy duty stand.png

Warré heavy duty stand

This fabulous stand keeps your hive up nice and high, saving your back and protecting your bees from damp and pests. 

Available in pine to match your hive, or hardwearing stunning recycled native timber.

$150 pine (as shown)

$225 recycled hardwood

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Quality you can trust

Our Warré hives and parts are hand-crafted in our Blue Mountains workshop from FSC certified Australian-grown pine and recycled native hardwood timbers.


We build our hives to last.  We build our hives with high-grade timber, secret pocket joints and safe non-toxic glue (FDA approved for indirect food contact) inside the construction to make sure our hives are top-quality, safe and built to last.


Does the hive come with bees?

No, you're ordering a hive without bees. You will need to get bees from a bee supplier, your local bee-catcher/apiarist or (if you know what you're doing) catch a swarm yourself.

How do I look after my bees?

We highly recommend you take an introductory Warré method bee-keeping workshop.

How can I find out more about looking after bees?

Try these recommended books: 

“Natural Beekeeping with the Warre Hive”


Bee-Friendly Beekeeper


Order your own hand-crafted bee-friendly Warré hive today!

We deliver to Sydney greater metro area & Blue Mountains for $50. Other areas may require additional fees.

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