Advanced Gardener’s Guide to Year-Round Herbs and Veggies

10am-1pm $30

This course is aimed at people that are already intermediate or better gardeners (ornamental or otherwise)

or people that have had a good crack at veggie gardening sporadically with some success.

We will cover the basics of soil, water and light requirements and companion planting for fertility and pest management.

We will cover planting plantings to get you through the year and go through a few seedling raising techniques that you need to learn to keep succession planting going in a small garden and maintain fertility at all times.


What will we do?

We'll start with a meet and greet with a cuppa, then do a 40 min class session (with a 20min Q&A at the end)  on the essentials of soil, mulch, light, aspect, time of year to plant certain things, where to plant things as well as basic permaculture design and layout.

We will then move on to a practical class starting with a short garden walk showing some things in action.

We will harvest any plants the need harvesting. We will cut down any ground covers and mulch plants that are taking up too much space, we will replant anything that space allows using seeds, seedlings and compost additions. We will harvest mulch and apply to any disturbed or bare soil. 


You will get

  • the skills and confidence to maintain your veggie garden all year round

  • the knowledge of additions you need and how to get them

  • notes from the course (including links to pdf copies)

  • additional resources such as planting guides and other helpful things!